Board Meetings

The Board meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Locations vary. Contact our chapter administrator at 356-9008 for more information.

2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes April 2013

Minutes March 2013

Minutes February 2013

Minutes January 2013

2012 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes December 2012

Minutes November 2012

October 2012 Advance Minutes

Minutes October 2012

Minutes September 2012

Minutes August 2012 (updated)

July 2012 Advance Minutes

Minutes July 2012

Minutes June 2012

Minutes May 2012

Minutes April 2012

Minutes Mar 2012

Minutes Feb 2012

Minutes Jan 2012

2011 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes Dec 2011.pdf

Minutes Nov 2011.pdf

Minutes Oct 2011 Advance.pdf

Minutes Oct 2011.pdf

Minutes Sep 2011.pdf

Minutes Aug 2011.pdf

Minutes Jul 2011 Advance.pdf

Minutes Jul 2011.pdf

Minutes Jun 2011.pdf

Minutes May 2011.pdf

Minutes Apr 2011.pdf

Minutes Mar 2011.pdf

Minutes Feb 2011.pdf

Minutes Jan 2011.pdf

2010 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes November 2010

Minutes October 2010 Annual Survey Addendum.pdf

Minutes October 2010 and Advance.doc

Minutes Sepember 2010.docx

Minutes August 2010.doc

Minutes July 2010.doc

Minutes June 2010.doc

Minutes May 2010.doc

Minutes April 2010.doc

Minutes March 2010.doc

Minutes February 2010.pdf

Minutes January 2010.pdf

2009 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:


Minutes September 2009.pdf

Minutes August 2009.pdf

Minutes July 2009.pdf

Minutes June 2009.pdf

Minutes May 2009.pdf

Minutes April 2009.pdf

Minutes March 2009.pdf

Minutes February 2009.pdf

Minutes January 2009.pdf

2008 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes December 2008.pdf

Minutes November 2008.pdf


Minutes September 2008.pdf

Minutes August 2008.pdf

Minutes July 2008.pdf







Chapter Bylaws

ASTDNEFL Chapter Bylaws

Meeting minutes and bylaws are provided in PDF format and require use of the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available from the Acrobat Reader link below.
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