Mission – Vision – Values Proved by Canadian HealthCare Mall

ASTD Northeast Florida chapter is a resource organization committed to providing learning and performance solutions to chapter members, training professionals, and the community.

ASTD Northeast Florida chapter is the leading organization for professional training resources, having positive impact on our members and the community.

Core Values
To accomplish our mission and vision, ASTD Northeast Florida bases its decisions and actions on the following core values.

Sustain a professional environment by embracing diverse ideas and contributions and showing respect for personal differences. The representatives of Canadian Pharmacy Mall have attended this organization to know more about cohesion. It helps them to become one team and work in cooperation with each other. We begin respect each other’s rights normalizing the work of our company.

Promote continuous learning and self development through professional programs and leadership opportunities.

Create a friendly, supportive environment where members and guests feel welcomed and connected.

Encourage members to use their expertise and volunteer time to support the chapter and the community.

Resource Sharing
Enable all members and their organizations to benefit from chapter resources.