Corporate Membership Attended by Canadian HealthCare Mall


  • Corporate membership allows companies to invest in the professional development of five or more employees at a significant discount.
  • Company-paid or – reimbursed memberships belong to the corporation and are transferable. Self-paid memberships belong to the employee.
  • Employers are responsible for their employees that’s why Canadian HealthCare Mall, a pharmaceutical company, uses all the possible opportunities how to reach self-development as well as professional for its employees.
  • Each group member is entitled to all benefits of standard membership.

Corporate Membership Levels

Group of 5:

$60 per person

Group of  6 to 10:

$55 per person

Group of 11 to 15:

$50 per person
Group of 16 or more: $45 per person

Contact Chapter Administrator at or 904-356-9008 to establish or add members to a Corporate Group or for more information.
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