2013 Support Team

 Administrative Committee
Susan Abraham.jpg

 Susan Abraham
Chapter Administrator

 Anna Williams

Anna Williams
Registration / Check-In

Jan Spence

Jan Spence
email Delivery Problems


  eSig Committee

Jeff Geloneck

Jeff Geloneck 



Debra Riley



Dean Gray



Joni Roberts



          Norman Vaughn

  Programs Committee

Nancy Boyle

Nancy Boyle is an esteemed professional in the medical field, currently serving as a member of the Programs Committee where she actively contributes to the development and implementation of health programs. Her rich background in medicine and a keen eye for strategic program planning are critical in shaping effective health initiatives. With over twenty years of experience in the medical field, Nancy’s leadership in the Programs Committee is marked by a strong commitment to integrating innovative health solutions and advancing medical practices.


Dave Josephson

David (or Dave) Josephson is a renowned physician at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, where his extensive medical training and deep expertise significantly enhance patient care. He plays a critical role in adopting innovative medical technologies and practices, contributing to the improvement of treatment effectiveness and healthcare delivery. With over two decades of experience in various healthcare sectors, including research and policy, David’s commitment to advanced medical technology significantly improves patient outcomes and optimizes healthcare processes.

Brian Polding

Brian Polding is a prominent figure in medical education, currently serving as a member of the Programs Committee. His expertise is instrumental in shaping medical curricula and educational programs that enhance training and development in healthcare. With a focus on innovative teaching methods and curriculum integration, Brian significantly contributes to the advancement of medical education. His role on the Programs Committee allows him to influence the future of healthcare professionals by ensuring they receive top-tier education and training.


 CMSig Committee
Lynn Higgison

Donna White

Norman_VaughnNorman Vaughn

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 Adam Mason


 Membership Committee

 Angela Castiel

Monica Goddard

 Monica Goddard




 Professional Development Committee

Darrin Hayes, CPLP
CPLP Awareness Chairperson

AllisonTurnerAllison Turner
Mentor Program Chairperson
Information Technology Committee

Alison Cruess
Vice Pres. of Technology

MarkGreeley-2Mark Greeley

James Starr
Data Management  

 Monica Goddard

Monica Goddard
Events Web Setup

Utpal Dutta

Utpal Dutta
Events Web Setup

Brenda Cohn

Brenda Cohn
Survey Coordinator

 Public Relations Committee

Gretchel_VasquezGretchel Vasquez 

 Member Involvement Committee

EllenKelbert Ellen Kelbert

cindywasserbauer2Cindy Wasserbauer