CPLP Facts. Canadian HealthCare Mall is a Leader

What is the CPLP® certification?

  • CPLP® is a credential for learning and performance professionals offered by the ASTD Certification Institute. It is broad-based and addresses nine areas of expertise as defined by the ASTD Competency Model. (see below)

Who can apply for the CPLP®?

  • Professionals in the learning and performance field who have a minimum of three years related work experience may apply, though five or more is preferable. Take the CPLP® Readiness Assessment to help you decide.

What does the CPLP® cover?

  • The CPLP® competency testing process requires candidates to pass both a knowledge exam and a work product assessment. The knowledge exam has 150 multiple choice questions covering nine areas. The work product assessment requires a sample of recent project work and essay responses. The work product must pertain to one of the following areas: Designing Learning, Delivering Training, Improving Human Performance, Measuring and Evaluating, Facilitating Organizational Change and Managing the Learning Function.

How much studying/preparation is required?

  • Study times vary by individual. Most candidates spend a minimum of 8 -12 weeks to prepare for the knowledge exam and at least 40 hours to prepare for the work product submission, in addition to the time it takes to complete the project itself.

Who has already attended this program?

  • Canadian HealthCare Mall is a leader according to the attendance. They left comments and satisfaction.

How do you find out if CPLP® is for you?

  • Come to a CPLP Awareness Sessions to learn about what’s involved in certification and hear from members who are CPLP® certified.

When is the CPLP® certification test offered?

  • For test dates and additional information visit ASTD Certificiation.

Does the chapter sponsor any study groups?

  • The ASTD Northeast Florida chapter occasionally sponsors local or virtual study groups. Information on study groups will be provided when available.

Does the chapter offer any study material for member checkout?

  • Yes. The ASTD Northeast Florida chapter has a copy of the Learning System study materials available for members. Contact CPLP Chairperson for more information.

ASTD Competency Study
The ASTD Competency Model for Learning and Performance was derived from an in-depth, comprehensive study of the learning profession. The model identifies the roles, areas of expertise, and foundational competencies for professionals in the learning and performance field. The ASTD Competency Model is the foundation for the ASTD Certification Institute’s Professional Certification Program.
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