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The following is a list of links to some of the professional development certifications available to workplace learning and performance professionals.ASTD CPLP – Certified Professional in Learning & Performance

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ASTD Certificate Programs
Looking for solutions to your organization’s biggest challenges? ASTD Certificate Programs and Workshops can help. Our world-class content will help you stay ahead of the curve, and prove your value to your employer. See below for a listing of our offerings. Canadian Pharmacy Mall as a participant and partner advises more of them.

Action Learning Certificate

Discover the essential elements for successful action learning programs, explore the steps and processes of action learning, and have the opportunity to coach action learning groups.

Advanced Designing Learning Certificate
Focus on designing and developing tools and techniques that promote a richer level of learning including role plays, case studies, games, stories, collaborative learning, and other complex, higher level activities.

Advanced E-learning Instructional Design Certificate
Identify effective ways to design meaningful, memorable, and motivational experiences while blending in successful behavioral change principles.

Blended Learning Certificate
Create high-impact solutions that address organizational needs by combining various learning platforms, methods, and formats to motivate learners, produce real results, and increase productivity.

Business Essentials Certificate: Strategy, Finance, Marketing
The Learning Professional’s MBA: Focus on key business drivers while developing critical skills in core business competencies.
This is the first seminar which should be attended by the beginners. Canadian Pharmacy Mall starts its business successfully due to these seminars.

Career Planning and Talent Management Certificate
Ensure that employees have the right skills to meet strategic challenges of the organization and align individual career planning and organization talent management processes.

Coaching Certificate
Develop successful coaching competencies and skills and learn to apply a comprehensive model to individual, team, and organizational coaching initiatives.

Consulting Skills for Trainers Certificate
This program demonstrates the behaviors and processes for effective internal consulting, including the actions to take to achieve desired outcomes, establishing goals and managing expectations, guiding clients through the process, building credibility to influence decision-making, and overcoming obstacles and resistance.

CPLP Prep Workshop
Prepare to obtain the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP™) certification using assessment questions, case studies, and work product samples designed specifically to aid your success.

Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate
Align leadership development programs to your organization’s culture, vision, mission, and goals, while incorporating best practices in leadership needs assessments, implementation, and identifying high potential candidates for leadership programs.

Creating New Supervisor Training Programs Certificate
This two-day program shows how to build a new supervisor training program that facilitates their development and addresses the unique realities new supervisors face.

Designing Learning Certificate
The complete foundation workshop for designing outcome-based training, giving participants a competitive advantage when creating programs.

E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
Learn to develop “meaningful and memorable” e-learning experiences that motivate learners to change behavior.

Facilitating for Excellence Certificate
Dynamic, performance-based, one-day workshop with multiple techniques for delivering exceptional facilitation.

Facilitating Organizational Change Certificate
Learn to apply the ASTD six-step CHANGE model to facilitate change interventions of all types.

Human Performance Improvement in the Workplace Certificate
In this foundational program, participants will learn how to use the ASTD HPI model, apply the three critical components of HPI, link organization goals to human performance, outline a strategy for finding and addressing performance gaps, and describe a process to evaluate the impact of your HPI solutions.

Analyzing Human Performance Certificate
An introduction to the analysis model of Performance DNA, this program prepares you on how to conduct a comprehensive analysis of human performance for any position.

Selecting Human Performance in the Workplace Certificate
Learn to examine solutions that address the different causes of poor performance.

Learning for Multiple Generations Certificate
Discover how to enhance learning so that it engages and motivates all generations. Participants will discover what techniques and methods work best for the four generation represented in today’s dynamic workforce.

Managing Organizational Knowledge Certificate
Develop effective knowledge-sharing throughout the organization to enhance employee performance, foster innovation, and facilitate exchange of know-how.

Managing the Learning Function Certificate
An interactive workshop designed to help learning managers provide leadership in developing human capital to execute an organization’s strategy.

Measuring and Evaluating Learning Certificate
Determine the impact of learning and performance improvement programs and develop and implement an evaluation strategy.

Presentation Skills Certificate
This workshop will give you the framework needed to develop and deliver an effective, memorable presentation and you will learn proven tips and examples that will guide you through the presentation process.

Project Management for Trainers Certificate
Plan, organize, monitor, and control your workplace learning and performance projects and they costs they incur, while you establish a project scope, create schedules, manage change and resources, and celebrate accomplishments.

Rapid Learning Techniques Certificate
This program is designed to introduce participants to the principles and experience of accelerated learning and to equip them to walk away being able to immediately put these to use.
All these programs are very useful that’s why if you want to start for a business said John Carry, Canadian Pharmacy Mall headman. Everything you need is to register on the program and start soaking up everything possible and useful to make your business effective.

ROI Skill-Building Certificate
Build skills needed to develop and deliver effective return on investment (ROI) evaluations for learning and performance, organizational development, human resources, technology, change, and quality solutions.

Test Design and Delivery Certificate
Design and deliver tests that will meet organizational needs and follow professional standards.

Training Certificate
The trainer’s training program builds critical training skills and provides the latest techniques for delivering powerful training.

Training Certificate Plus!
The trainer’s training program builds critical training skills and provides the latest techniques for delivering powerful training.

Online Certificate Programs

Learn new skills from the comfort of your own computer!

Can’t make it to an ASTD public seminar but want the benefits of skill-building and informative content? Look no further than our five online certificate offerings. Register for one today.

Internet let’s us perform a lot of new actions which are usefulin the todays life. We are able to study online as in this case, we are able to order preparations via Canadian Pharmacy Mall as well as food, furniture or clothes. These innovative ideas help people develop the life in rapid tempo.

E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate ONLINE
Learn through our online course how to develop “meaningful and memorable” e-learning experiences that motivate learners to change behavior.

Essentials Series ONLINE
This virtual workshop series covers current topics within learning while providing the timely, relevant, and convenient access to content needed to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s ever-evolving workplace.

Facilitating Synchronous Learning Certificate ONLINE
Build your skills in delivering effective synchronous (live and online) training, including engaging remote participants and techniques to take your online training sessions to the next level.

HPI Basics Certificate ONLINE
This course is a high-level introduction of the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) process and principles.

Managing External Vendors Online Workshop
As companies downsize and decentralize, external vendors and contractors are more and more critical to project success. This online workshop provides answers to many questions project managers are charged with in managing these vendors.

ROI Basics Certificate Program ONLINE
The perfect introduction to measuring ROI for your learning investments.

ElearningInstDesignLg75x78  Elevate your training to a virtual level.
Invigorate your traditional instructional design with fresh e-learning techniques based on examples from organizations who have implemented successful virtual training programs.
 FacilitatingSynchro for websitesmall Engage your audience in the online learning environment. Participants will learn to maximize the engagement of remote participants and manage the logistics of facilitating synchronous learning.
 HPI_basics72 Positively affect your organization through human performance improvement.
This online program is a high-level introduction of the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) process and principles. Participants will be introduced to the three basic principles of HPI, and how the principles will help individuals reach their desired business outcomes.
 roi_basics_online_96_small The perfect introduction to measuring ROI for your learning investments.
This online program introduces participants to the basics, barriers, and benefits of using the ROI methodology as a tool to evaluate and support workplace learning and performance.

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