Individual Membership. Access to Canadian HealthCare Mall Recordings

ks85172Standard Membership
Benefits of a Standard Membership:

  • Early registration for Chapter events
  • Discounted or free admission to Chapter events
  • Members-only Career Management Programs
  • Online access to presentation materials from past programs, including programs which Canadian Health and Care Mall have undergone
  • Position Referral network
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter
  • Access to private online Membership Directory
  • Mentorship Program (participate as Mentor or Protege)
  • Free Listing in our Training Services Directory if you market to the public
  • Online access to professional development information and resources
  • Great opportunities to network and to get involved in advancing the Chapter
  • Significant discount on National Membership

One-Year Standard Membership: $70
One-Year Standard Membership Renewal: $65


Student Membership
Student membership includes all the benefits of the Standard Membership. Student membership is free to Student members of the ASTD National Organization. To join as a Student, contact

Gold Membership
Gold membership includes all the benefits of the Standard Membership PLUS free admission to all regular monthly luncheon programs plus a significant extra discount on the annual Big Event (Jointly-sponsored programs such as the UNF Excellence in Employee Development Awards not included).

Here is a way to save the entire cost of a Standard Membership while participating in the pre-paid excitement of all of the year’s programs. If unable to attend a regular event, your admission may be used by a substitute of your choice, except for member-only events.
One-Year Gold Membership: $250


ideaPower Membership
Before choosing any membership level, be sure to check out the career enhancing, money saving Special Deals on the National Membership page.