Advanced Training and Certificate Programs in California

Advanced Training and Certificate Programs in CaliforniaIf you have dreamed of studying abroad for a long time, but your student years are long in the past, and you do not have enough money and time in adulthood for long-term study programs, this does not mean that you should completely give up this dream. Especially for such students, there are certificate programs that help professionals in any field to acquire the latest knowledge or new skills in their field. The certificate programs are ideal for adults and business students: they take much less time than regular higher education courses and even an MBA, they cost very reasonable and offer the opportunity to work abroad. Still can’t make up your mind? Then how about the opportunity to take such a program in California?

California has become a world leader in certificate programs thanks to the highest quality professional education at the state’s premier university, the University of California. Branches of this university in major cities of the state offer special courses under the general heading of Extension: short intensive programs of continuing education in the most sought-after professional fields. Such courses last from 6 months to a year, so there is no need to interrupt career growth for a long time. But after you finish your studies, on the contrary, you will get a unique chance to start your career on the international arena. All graduates of the University of California Extension courses receive the right to work in the United States for a whole year, and practice shows that most often they are employed in very prestigious positions.

Certificate programs have become so popular in recent years because they offer a concentrated version of overseas education. You get professional skills and a diploma from a prestigious foreign university, but at the same time you do not waste a lot of time and money to get a higher education from scratch. The modern labor market requires professionals to constantly develop skills and master new technologies. With Extension programs at the University of California, you can stay ahead of your peers for years to come and become the most sought-after employee in your field.

University Tuition fees Features
University of California Los Angeles Extension Starting from $ 4,000
  • Studying in Los Angeles, one of the 10 richest
    cities of the world;
  • Opportunity to visit the main Californian sights while studying;
  • The world’s best professional film courses
    and television.
University of California Riverside Extension Starting from $ 6,800
  • Some of the world’s best management, finance and HR programs;
  • Unique courses in animation, video games and sound
  • Nearest Neighbor of Hollywood.
University of California Irvine Extension Starting from $ 7,500
  • The city of Irvine has one of the highest welfare and lowest crime rates in the United States;
  • Internships at Mazda, Marriott, Panasonic, Aflac and dozens of other major companies;
  • Ability to combine multiple certificate programs.
University of California Silicon Valley Starting from $ 8,500
  • Study in Silicon Valley – the world capital of modern technology;
  • Opportunity to work in the richest technology companies in the world;
  • Highly specialized courses in the most relevant areas of computer science, engineering, mathematics and programming.

How to cover such expenses?

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