ASTD-NEFL Monthly Event Announcement: Tapping the Brain for Learning

In this interactive presentation, you will explore a variety of creative strategies for getting people engaged and out of their seats. Through a series of demonstrations, discussions, and activities, you will experience the power of creative learning.

Adults typically prefer involvement and activity in their learning process.Much of this can be traced back to childhood learning when we learned by doing – crawling on the ground, getting dirty and having fun. Unfortunately, many learning and performance professionals are afraid to try techniques that are out of the “norm,” such as using games, toys, incentives, props and
whatever else they can translate into a learning concept.

Attend this presentation and you will be able to:
• Facilitate creative training programs that help induce behavior Change and are FUN;
• Better help learners gain, retain, recall and use what they experience;
• Increase interaction with learners;
• Create memorable techniques for adding excitement and sizzle to your training programs so that learners will want to keep coming back.

“Standing Room Only”

The greatest presenters are those who unleash their story in order to connect with their audience through unforgettable presentations. Learn how to develop a captivating message with brilliant transitions that will keep your audience in the palm of your hands. Experience how powerful visuals help to tell your story.

Evaluate your own “threshold for terror” while discovering new strategies to calm the nerves and allow you to present with impact! This workshop will give you everything you need to create a standing ovation.

This program will:

1. Explore the secret formula for creating a powerful story.
2. Discover the art and the power of transitions.
3. Experience the art of using powerful visuals to help your message.
4. Evaluate your comfort levels while learning strategies to calm the nerves and present with impact.

Performance Partnership Proactive and Reactive Performance Consulting

Trainers are expected to practice performance consulting with their clients in an efforts to bring measurable results. This presentation in an effort to bring measurable results. This presentation is designed for trainers who want to become better business partners with their clients. During this special 90-minute presentation, you will be exposed to Dick Handshaw’s two-part process.

The first part of the process focuses on creating proactive consulting relationships with key business leaders. You will observe examples of positive and negative behavior and will be able to visualize the process as you watch a team of participants conduct a live role-play during the session.

The second part of the process focuses on re-framing. You will learn how to respond to a request for training in a way that yields better results for the learner and the client. One team of participants will develop skills using a re-framing exercise as they practice turning a training request into a performance consulting opportunity.

Communications and Conflict in a Tough Economy

Event Description:

Much of our day is filled with individuals who are either complaining about something or in conflict with someone. It is a never ending routine. But in a tough economy, their complaints are much more personal, and to them their concerns threaten their basic security.
In a tough economy, “It is Personal”.

Unfortunately, we have spent the last decade training our management teams to avoid personaldiscussions. While our employees expect management to understand their feelings, we have trained our management teams to avoid them. As a result, many professionals do not handle these complaints well, leading to even more complaints, conflict and yes, the possibility of a legalbattle.

In this fun and entertaining program we will discuss the mechanics of communications, what causes conflict and how to deal with angry employees and customers. In this program you will learn how to improve communication skills, listening skills and demonstrate empathy with all those who are adapting to the challenges of a tough economy.

Organizational Culture: What is It and Why Does it Matter?

Event Description:
Attention managers, supervisors, and anyone aspiring to be a leader!

Although organizational culture is not easy to define or capture, it is a powerful force in any organization. The culture of a group is made up of its member’s beliefs, behaviors, and shared values. Culture guides an individual’s decisions and actions at the unconscious level. Organizational cultures are created, maintained, and transformed by people, and can have a profound
effect on a company’s well-being and success.

Training managers and consultants who act as change agents, can gain a deeper perspective on how to implement that change if they realize that most “transformational” change also involves a change in culture.

If we better understand what is involved in trying to change the basic assumptions, values and behaviors (culture) of people, we can better understand their resistance to change and take the right management approaches to assist them.

March 2012 Monthly Event: Nine Elements to Design and Influence Behavior

Nine Elements to Design and Influence Behavior

Guest speaker: Kim Seeger
Learniappe Learn Something Extra!

Join us for an engaging session at the University of Phoenix, North Florida Campus on March 15.

Event Description:

Are you responsible for learning solutions that impact performance?

Do stakeholders expect you to provide what employees need to Know, Feel, and Do on the job?

Do you work with Subject Matter Experts to design learning?

Join us in this highly interactive 3 part program where we will adapt and apply Gagne’s nine instructional events to design synchronous learning.

January 2012 Monthly Event: Organizational Resolutions – Determining Needs in 2012

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Organizational Resolutions: Determining Needs in 2012

Presenter: Barry E. Altland
Lose weight? Eat healthier? Spend more time with family and friends? Focus on your professional development? Each of these is a noble resolution for the New Year…but what about the continued improvement in performance, engagement and development for your organization?

Business is rapidly changing before our eyes. Along with it, so is the Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) profession in the 21st century – or, at least it should be.

The practices that many of us in the profession have long relied upon are also evolving and adapting at a rapid pace. Such is true for how we engage our internal and external clients to determine our strategic plans for the performance year.

November Monthly Event: Communicating Up and Nonprofit Partnership Expo

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Communicating Up and Nonprofit Partnership Expo

Presenter: Robert Zinsser

On Thursday, November 17, the ASTD Northeast Florida chapter will host an event to connect training and development with the nonprofit community.

Robert Zinsser of SMART Conversations® will present Communicating Up, a dynamic program on communicating with your senior management or board of directors. Bob will engage the audience in considering the benefits and techniques of effective dialogue, relevant to both nonprofit representatives and workplace learning professionals.

In addition to the featured program, the chapter will host a Partnership Expo. The Expo is a forum for ASTD members to connect with nonprofit organizations in our community.

September Monthly Event: Talk Less Train More

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Talk Less – Train More: Techniques to Make Learning More Active and Engaging

Join us for an engaging session at Maggiano’s at The Town Center on Thursday, September 15.

Presenter: Rachel A. Stromberg, Leadership Development Consultant

Are you interested in improving the quality of your participant’s learning? Do you want your learners to be able to better retain and apply what they learn? What if they could take more responsibility over their learning and transfer that knowledge to new situations?

As facilitators and instructional designers we know the value of learner centered training, but with the demands to execute training with very short turn-around time, it is often challenging to create something more than lecture style instruction.

August Monthly Event: Leadership Development “In the Round”

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94August 2011 Monthly Event


Leadership Development “In the Round”


Selected ASTD Members


Event Description:

Leadership development is critical to the long-term success of many organizations. In fact, our chapter’s 2011 annual ASTD membership survey reveals the topic of leadership development as one of the most requested. Workplace professionals are clearly challenged to grow and strengthen the leadership skills of employees.

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