September Luncheon Meeting – Cartooning Basics for Artistically-Challenged Trainers

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Cartooning Basics for Artistically-Challenged Trainers

Presenter: Mike Artell,
Award-Winning Cartoonist & Humorist

Meeting Description:

An informative, practical and entertaining lunchtime awaits those who come to the September ASTD chapter meeting. Learn how to incorporate simple yet powerful drawings into your training repertoire.

Mike Artell, award-winning cartoonist and humorist, has spoken at numerous national ASTD conferences, always to a packed house. Those who attend say that the skills learned are incredibly valuable in a classroom/training environment and that the sessions are incredibly fun.

August Luncheon Meeting

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Classroom Facilitation Tips and Tricks

Presenters: Selected ASTD Members
Meeting Description:
Many of us are called on to facilitate classroom learning. A high-impact training class is often a core piece of an organization’s learning and performance strategy. This ASTD program invites you to experience first hand how to make your classroom training the most effective it can be.

Learn By Doing!
As the hands-on version of previous years’ “Preludes and Props,” this will be a highly interactive session. We will participate in several demonstrations in small group settings—a great way to try out interactive, learning activities, as well as network with others.

July Luncheon Meeting – Blended Learning – How Do Others Do It?

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Blended Learning – How Do Others Do It?

Meeting Description:
This month, the e-Learning Special Interest Group (eSIG) joins forces with the chapter programs committee to bring you a topic mysterious to many in the learning and development field—blended learning.

During this luncheon, we will explore the exact definition of blended learning (straight from ASTD National) and discover how organizations in the Northeast Florida area are effectively blending their learning modalities (online, classroom, books, etc.).

June Breakfast Meeting


Meeting Description:

We’re shaking it up a bit for the month of June! Enjoy a change of venue, time and format with a buffet breakfast at the elegant University Club, located on the Southbank near downtown.

At our June meeting we will draw on the vast resources within our chapter membership and call upon you, our members, to “Share Your Successes.” Consider it professional “show and tell.” Come prepared to describe your success in two minutes or less, in answer to one of these questions:

  • What best practice have you discovered within your organization as you completed a significant assignment?
  • How have you overcome an obstacle to meet a specific objective?
  • What recent accomplishment of yours has positively impacted your workplace?

May Luncheon Meeting – Facilitating Change in an Organization’s Service Culture

Facilitating Change in an Organization’s Service Culture

Presenter: Teri Yanovitch

Meeting Description:
Creating world-class customer service doesn’t just happen; nor does any kind of change, for that matter. Change must be planned and led from the top if it is to become ingrained into the fabric of the organization. Our speaker, Teri Yanovitch, will guide us through the change process and apply leadership actions specifically to create a culture of service excellence.

Who Should Join Us? Workplace Learning Professionals who:

  • Instruct, or coach managers & leaders
  • Facilitate Customer Service
  • Need to increase their Business Acumen Understanding
  • Want to learn how training fits into the corporate strategy

April Luncheon Meeting-Training’s Role in Achieving High Organizational Performance

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94Training’s Role in Achieving High Organizational Performance

Presenter: Gary Lear

Intuitively we know that Training and Development efforts can help the organization perform. But where should we put our efforts? What kinds of programs make a difference?

Three years of research and over 800 studies, articles and books led Gary Lear to the discovery of the Seven Elements of High Performance™. Adopted by such organizations as the US Navy’s Center for Naval Leadership, the Seven Elements of High Performance™ give managers a guide for achieving performance in their organization. Plus, Gary found clues in the research that gives training and development departments a foundation for a strategy to leverage the Seven Elements.

March Luncheon Meeting – Managing Organizational Change

ASTD-NE FL logoManaging Organizational Change

Presenter: Dr. Felicia Bridgewater

Many of us face constant change within our organizations. While we accept it as part of doing business, we do not always embrace it nor do we actively seek to facilitate the change.

The concept of change management is so critical that the Northeast Florida chapter of ASTD identifies it as one of our core competencies. As such, we bring to you an engaging, relevant topic to address the basics of change management.

February Luncheon Meeting

ASTD-NE FL logoScenario Based Learning Adventures in the Workplace

Presenters: Volunteers from the Winn-Dixie Training Department

We all know that learning is not a spectator sport. Learners do not discover much by just sitting and listening, memorizing prepackaged assignments, and spitting out answers.

The use of experiential learning has many benefits for the learner, such as increased long-term retention, increased interest in learning, meeting the needs of learners with different learning styles, and expanding the experience adult learners already possess.

January Luncheon Meeting: Financial Literacy and Business Acumen for Workplace Learning Professionals

ASTD-NE FL logoFinancial Literacy and Business Acumen for Workplace Learning Professionals

presenter: Juli A. H. Evans

Meeting Description:
Do you consciously (or unconsciously) shy away from the financial side of your work? Imagine that you could see the financial reports of a corporation in a whole new, vivid, colorful, and empowering light. Now you can!

In the early 1990’s two KPMG accountants envisioned a world in which EVERYONE could understand finances and communicate about them powerfully. After a decade of research and listening, they developed Color Accounting™ and its learning methodology Right Brain Accounting™. It is highly creative, involving color, movement, language, visualization and breathtaking simplicity.

September Luncheon Meeting: The Changing World of Leadership: The 3rd Generation Focus on Results

ASTD NE FL Logo_200x94The Changing World of Leadership: The 3rd Generation Focus on Results

Dr. Mary Lippittpresenter: Dr. Mary Lippitt

Meeting Description:
With the pace of change accelerating, what can we do to prepare leaders to manage effectively? We know there is an increased focus on results and doing things smarter, but how can we translate that into our training, consulting, and coaching?

Leaders have new demands and we need a new generation of leadership development for our challenging times. In the 1940s we used style or preference as our model, and in the 1980s we introduced competencies. Now is the time for a third-generation, developing a dynamic, context driven, and results focused approach to leadership development.

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