Stepping into Second Life: Virtual Environments for Training

virtual learningThe use of virtual learning in training has become fairly commonplace, with tools like WebEx and Adobe Connect that allow synchronous and asynchronous classes, webinars, meetings, and discussions. What is not so common, however, is the use of full “Virtual Environments” for training, like Second Life, that combine virtual learning elements such as audio, graphics content, collaboration, and video, with 3-D animation, visual simulations, and customized virtual venues. Virtual environments allow you to build and utilize 3D training spaces where effective learning can take place, and to create personalized objects and events that support training techniques like storytelling and gamification.

Adapting a virtual environment for training is not without itschallenges. In this eSIG you will learn to identify those challenges, and you’ll receive tips on how to overcome them. Join us to get a glimpse into a virtual world and to see how it can be used for training. It’ll be a fun and informative journey, guided by tour master and Second Life “citizen” Tom Baggs, who performs under the name Particle Tom.

Why You Want to Partner with Your IT Comrades

This month’s eSIG event supports the new ASTD Areas of Expertise: Learning Technologies, Instructional Design, and Training Delivery. As technology becomes a necessary and integral part of training and education, learning and development professionals must have a better understanding of the IT infrastructure needed to keep that technology connected, accessible, and running smoothly.

This eSIG will explore the challenges to setting up training platforms, and IT obstacles to delivering “electronic”, digital, and mobile learning. Join us as Dean Gray takes us through the requirements, best practices, and pitfalls to building an effective infrastructure for delivering training in today’s high tech world, and why it’s so important to partner with your IT comrades.

Our 10-minute demo for this month is on InfoGraphics!
We’ll take a quick look at the varieties of InfoGraphics currently in use, and several free, online generators.

Attend this session if you want to:

  • Learn more about InfoGraphics.
  • Learn more about IT infrastructure needed for eLearning.
  • Learn more about partnering with IT for successful learning initiatives.
  • Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

ICE Reflections- Session Summaries

ASTD ICE 2013 is now over … but you can still hear about the best sessions on eLearning and Ed Tech! Join us to hear ASTD ICE attendees give recaps of the eSIG significant sessions they attended. New ideas, new tools, and new trends – all in one place, and just for you!

Also, our 10-minute demo for this month is on Aurasma! Get a brief look at this amazing augmented reality tool.

Attend this session if you want to:

  • Learn more about Aurasma.
  • Learn more about eLearning trends.
  • Learn more about ASTD ICE and its Ed Tech content.

Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

Images, Fun, Facts, and Findings

Images are powerful tools with tremendous potential to add impact and engagement to online training. However, copyright restrictions are in place that many are not aware of that apply to the use of images. There are many online sites where you can obtain images, but the function and intended use of them vary greatly.

Also, our 10-minute demo for this month is ToonDoo. Get a brief look at how you can create your own cartoons.

Attend this session if you want to:

  • Learn more about ToonDoo
  • How images can add impact to a presentation
  • How copyright laws apply to the use of images
  • The basics of free vs. paid images sites
  • Image editing in Powerpoint

Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

eLearning Basics – Tools, Tips, and Techniques

eLearning…good golly, where do you start?! Are you new to eLearning and development, new to eLearning, or looking for some new ideas? Are you a seasoned eLearning guru with experiences to share? If so, this eSig event is for you! Join us as we explore a road map for eLearning and check out some tools, tips and techniques to keep you cruising along.

Also, our 10-minute demo for this month is on Raptivity! Get a brief look at how to use this rapid development tool and at what it can do.

Attend this session if you want to:

  • Learn more about Raptivity.
  • Learn more about eLearning Best Practices.
  • Learn more about eLearning options and resources.

Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

Featured Speaker:
Jeff GeloneckJeff Geloneck is the ASTD NEFL VP of eSig and the Learning and the Development Manager at The Blood Alliance (TBA). Jeff began his career in training over 15 years ago when he taught BLS, ACLS, and other healthcare related courses as part of “other duties as assigned” while working as a paramedic. Since that time, he has developed and taught quailty assurance courses, business writing, trainer training, leaderships skills, educational technology skills, and a plethora of other courses. He now leads the L&D programs at TBA, and is better known as the company’s “training guy.”

Jeff earned his BA in English at UNF, and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Educational Technology and Leadership, also at UNF (one more semester!). Next on his personal development quest is to become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). Jeff has adopted a personal vision, which is to foster the growth and development of others through learning initiative. Jeff’s personal pursuits include finding new ways to connect with his family, reading pulp fiction, and exploring emerging technology.

ASTD Competency Model:
competency model newThe Model emphasizes: (1) foundational competencies, or those that are important to everyone in the field, and (2) the specific areas of expertise (AOEs), which are the specialized knowledge and actions required by specificroles. This month’s program supports the new ASTD Area of Expertise: Learning Technologies, Instructional Design, and Training Delivery.

Program Details:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7:45 AM: Check in, networking, continental breakfast
8:00 AM: Welcome
8:05 AM: Digital Learning Demo (Raptivity)
8:20 AM: Featured Program
9:15 AM: End

The Blood Alliance
7595 Centurion Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32256

(Please park on the hill to the left, not in front of the

Members: Free
Non-Members: $10.00

Online registration for this meeting closes at midnight on April 5, 2013.

Walk-ins: A $5.00 surcharge for unregistered walk-ins will apply to both members and non-members.

Online registration requires payment by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. If you need to arrange for an alternate payment method, call the Chapter Administrator at (904) 356-9008.

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ADA Notice:The Northeast Florida ASTD chapter strives to make all of our programs accessible to people with disabilities or special needs as defined under the ADA. If you require special assistance or accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact us at, at least two weeks prior the planned program so that we may discuss your specific needs.

Media Notice: Chapter representatives may take photos or video at this event for use in print and/or digital communications. By attending, you agree that ASTD-NEFL may use your name and image and/or comments made at this event in all forms and media for education, promotion, and any other lawful purposes.

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thank them for the use of the training room.

Building Interactions with Storyline

Since its launch in 2012, Articulate Storyline has quickly gained a reputation for its combination of ease-of-use and powerful capabilities. Specifically, its options for building engaging interactions, without complicated programming, present some exciting possibilities for eLearning designers.

Join Darrin Hayes as he demonstrates how Storyline can be used to build engaging interactions that will make your next eLearning project more fun, memorable, and effective. You’ll go “under the hood” to see how to add and customize layers, triggers, and variables that work seamlessly with your project and your workflow. And, along the way he’ll show you some useful development tips for using Storyline as a design/development tool.

Also, our 10-minute demo for this month is on Brain Shark! Jim Moody will show you the basics of this easy recording and course development tool, and how he is using it in his organization.

Attend this session if you want to:

  • Learn more about Brain Shark.
  • Learn more about Articulate Storyline.
  • Learn more about eLearning development and interactions.

Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

Flipping the Page to a New Year

Join us to see a demonstration of Flipping Book, and to help us set a new course for eSIG in 2013!

You Will Learn:

  • More about Flipping Book.
  • How the results of NEFL ASTD chapter’s annual member survey will influence future eSIGs.
  • To share your e-learning needs and ideas for future eSIGs.

Discussion points will include:

  • New e-learning tools
  • Rising trends in e-Learning delivery modes
  • Forecasting the future of e-Learning and educational technology
  • Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

e-Learning Trends and Predictions

Join us as we explore the latest trends in e-Learning and hear predictions about the future!

Attend this session if you want to:
• Learn more about e-Learning trends.
• Hear about the future of e-Learning careers.
• Share ideas about educational technology.

Discussion points will include:
• New e-Learning tools
• Rising trends in e-Learning delivery modes
• Marketable skill sets for the future of e-learning
• YOUR ideas and needs for 2013

Building an eLearning Designer: A Recipe for Success

eSIG Banner - shortIn connection with ASTD’s Career Week (Sept. 17th through the 21st – this month’s eSIG focuses on the career and qualifications of an eLearning designer. Through a demonstration of a must have skill for the 21st century, and by working collaboratively to create a recipe for a modern eLearning designer, attendees will walk away with answers to the questions, “What do I need to know, and how can I learn it?”

This month introduces a new feature of future eSIGs – a brief introduction and demonstration of a method of digital learning. Ten to 15 minutes of the session will be devoted to sharing existing, new, or emerging technology that is either made for or adaptable to learning and development initiatives. This month: Video – From Your Phone to Your e-Course in 2 Easy Steps.

Please join us for networking, coffee, and bagels during this informative start to your day.

ASTD-NEFL August eLearning Special Interest Group (eSIG) A Digital Learning Press Conference

eSIG Banner - short
This session will feature: “Press Release” for the “ADDIE Corp Digital Learning Press Conference”

“ADDIE CORP” Connects with Digital Learning

Officials from the “ADDIE Corp” announced today that they will be holding a press conference detailing their plan to move into the realm of DIGITAL LEARNING.

eSIGers, Reporters, and all interested parties should arrive at the Digital Learning Press Conference by 7:45am for free coffee and bagels, and to network with others. ADDIE Corp’s CEO will begin the press conference at 8:00am sharp! ADDIE Corp spokeswoman, SAMantha Thiagi, stated that ADDIE Corp plans to set an example for the corporate training industry, and to lead the way in connecting training with the digital revolution.

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