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June 6, 2016 Category: Antibiotics

Children’s age belongs to contraindication of antibiotics treatment. It is incorrect, but widespread, judgment. It isn’t necessary to hesitate with purpose of these antibacterial preparations in case of existence to him of indications, otherwise the disease can give serious complications. Though care in appointment after all is necessary for small children of antibiotics. Nevertheless, it is impossible to experiment on child’s health by treatment by traditional medicine at all – it is fraught with consequences.

It is always necessary to keep in the home first-aid kit that antibiotic which has helped at treatment of this or that disease at once. Such antibiotics may be ordered at attractive price via Canadian Health and Care Mall. Each antibiotic is characterized by selective action on a certain group (or groups) of bacteria; and even in case clinical pictures of diseases are very similar at each other, their activators can be absolutely different. For example, at treatment of pneumonia which is caused by staphylococcus use of penicillin is productive. However, if the patient has a cough, then, first of all, it is necessary to find out its reason. The mycoplasma can be one of those – penicillin in this case won’t help absolutely. Moreover, bacteria are capable to adapt to this or that antibiotic, in this regard its repeated appointment can not lead to positive result.


Antibiotics are applied for couple of days for complete recovery. Usually so many also consider, independently canceling the appointed preparation – as soon as there comes health improvement. However at the same time the fact isn’t considered that treatment duration this or that antibacterial means is extremely important for the patient. The preliminary termination of such treatment can lead to the fact that the infection will become slow. The similar combination of circumstances is fraught with development of such complications as damage of kidneys and heart. It is necessary to remember also the fact that long-term treatment by antibiotics which isn’t followed by productivity can lead to emergence of allergic reactions and dysbacteriosis.

Self-treatment by antibiotics can be effective. It is exceptional case. Intake of antibiotics has to be coordinated with the doctor. Depending on the causative agent of a disease the concrete antibiotic is chosen. It is important to pick up the correct dose in order to avoid development of toxic and other side effects. Not less important it is represented not only to appoint an antibiotic, but also in time to cancel it. If not to consider the last circumstance, then at microorganisms resistance to a preparation will be developed. In a type of it consultation of the doctor is necessary.
Associated diseases, age are considered at purpose of antibacterial means dose too. The dose is always selected individually therefore to rely on those average parameters which are specified in the description of a preparation isn’t necessary. Moreover, a direct condition of productivity is the fact of chosen antibiotic receipt to the place of direct microorganism localization.

At food poisoning antibiotics will come to the rescue. Antibiotics don’t make impact on bacterial poisons which take place at poisonings (characteristics vomiting, diarrhea, belly-ache, nausea). Treatment of food poisonings antibiotics is fraught with development of diarrhea. More preferable actions are reception of absorbent carbon and washing of stomach. As for diarrhea, it arises, first, because of digestion disorder as a result of emergence of allergic reactions to medicine from intestines and stomach, and secondly, application of antibiotics leads to destruction, including, and useful microbes.

In view of all this application of antibiotics poisonings quite often is followed by colitis and enterocolitis (digestion disorder), and also an intestinal dysbiosis (because of death of the useful microbes living on a mucous membrane of intestines). At the same time discomfort in a stomach is the phenomenon provided. If antibiotics are necessary on medical indications, then treatment has to include parallel application of levorin or nistatine. Similar antifungal of Canadian Health and Care Mall canadianhealthncaremallcom means will allow to avoid many negative effects.