Erectile Dysfunction Treatment & Best Ways to Increase Potency

April 8, 2017 Category: Erectile Dysfunction

How to cure EDSex is an excellent universal preventative measure for many ailments. The qualitative use of this pleasant “remedy” can save health and prolong life. Sex can strengthen blood vessels, improves the work of the heart. In addition, sex is able to rejuvenate the body. The only condition for sex to act as a medicine is regularity.

But if you man has sex less than once a week, you need to think about it. Perhaps, he has some problems, which he is afraid to admit. Man starts feeling incomplete. Men usually associate problems with potency with the irreversible death of sexual life.

But this is the most important misbelief among men. There is no such concept as age, when it comes to sexual power.

The first thing a man should do is to understand erectile dysfunction causes.

Best way to have healthy sex

The cause of impotence is banal – inattention to your own body, a bad lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, fatty foods, stress. Also, embarrassment to consult a doctor for help when it comes to male sexual problems.

Any disruptions in the body may lead to erectile dysfunction symptoms. Besides, chronic diseases, even in the stage of remission, will constantly reduce the level of testosterone, which will affect the libido of a man and decrease sexual desire. See low testosterone symptoms and how to treat low testosterone.

You can always recover the lost male strength. It is only necessary to fix all the systems of the body and start a healthy lifestyle.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

In our time of bad ecology, unbalanced nutrition and stress, men often suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome – a man constantly feels overwhelmed even though he has enough rest time.

But it’s easy to distinguish between potency problems and the syndrome of chronic fatigue. If interest in sex increases significantly after the qualitative rest (at least 4 days away from work, worries, trouble), this means that a man has a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

Erectile dysfunction and prostatitis

Erectile dysfunction and prostatitisOften, potency problems are associated with the inflammatory processes of the prostate. Man can easily chill this organ. Other usual prostatitis causes are excessive physical training and prolonged abstinence from sex.

The most common warning signs of prostate problems are frequent and painful urination. The second symptom is an erectile dysfunction sign.

Only 1 out of 10 men address a specialist even with obvious problems with the prostate. They start searching for a panacea on the shelves of the pharmacies. But self-treatment of prostatitis is the worst enemy.

Food that improves potency

Some foods are able not only to saturate, but also to arouse. Knowing the properties of food and how to use them, you can achieve a sexual arousal. Each nation prefers its own high potency foods:

  • Italians focus on tomatoes, garlic and olive oil;
  • French men prefer artichokes and snails;
  • Men of Central Asia – pistachios.
  • Eastern culture – special tea with such spices as cloves, ginger, saffron.

The best potency boosters are all marine products: oysters, mussels, rapans, etc.

Libido can be also stimulated by ordinary scrambled eggs.

A good high potency diet should contain citrus fruits. Eat half a lemon a couple of hours before sexual intercourse. This guarantees a night full of passion and desire.

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies

Erectile dysfunction natural remediesHow to cure erectile dysfunction at home? Many men use impotence natural remedies – various vitamins and trace elements.

  • The most common recipe is a mixture of honey and walnuts.
  • One of the best male potency foods is a mixture of dried mint, clover, St. John’s wort and nettle in equal quantities. Use infusion instead of tea, three times a day.
  • The basis of the next elixir to increase potency at home is red wine. Add a table-spoon of sugar, dried apricots, raisins and prunes, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Take the syrup three times a day.

Other natural way to improve impotence

  • If you wonder how to get rid of erectile dysfunction, you should monitor the tone of the muscles. There is no need to engage in “big” sports, it is enough to lead an energetic way of life. The easiest lifestyle changes to prevent erectile dysfunction is daily walking.
  • Take a contrast shower to improve blood circulation and train blood vessels.
  • As a stimulation, you can use a foot massage.

Following all these rules, you can get a good daily sex. Beside, you will improve your general health, increase in the tone of life, which will bring joy to both partners.